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Welcome to Shinobi Legends, a browser based role playing game(RPG) featuring Naruto, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in Jiseigakure is 7:27 pm.
Next new game day in: 1h, 30m, 46s (real time)

The newest shinobi of the realm is: Academy Student onyxzero

Konohagakure has no special relations to Ninja Central.
Konohagakure is at bad terms with Kirigakure.
Konohagakure is allied with Sunagakure.
Konohagakure is hostile towards Otogakure.

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Eternal Vampire
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The current Battle Arena Leader in Jiseigakure is: Kaguya ° ° Shadow.
The most recent hero of the realm is: Kaguya ° ° Shadow

Latest News

Academy Student HinataHatake has been slammed into the ground in the forest by Medic Nin.
"It appears you still need to grow, Academy Student HinataHatake!" states Medic Nin.
Kaguya ° ° Shadow survived an encounter with Ero-Sennin.
Chuunin Rikiryou has found a path to Orochimaru's former hideout!
Kaguya ° ° Shadow survived an encounter with Ero-Sennin.

Today's weather is expected to be overcast and cool, with sunny periods.

The following have lost the most gold to the dreaded Chipmunk army!
1. Miyamoto Omoikane (over 2,600,000 gold)
2. 代目水影 Xiarawst (over 1,800,000 gold)
3. Cryo Blood Ratatosk (over 1,700,000 gold)

Hakurei, Reimu has defeated Orochimaru more often than any other shinobi!
The warrior with most cash is: Seraphim
The warrior with most gems at hand is: Hakurei, Reimu

By logging in you accept the Rules of this Game which can be viewed at the left hand side bar.

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If nothing is in there, mail your provider along with our domain name and the time you registered.
AOL users: login via Internet Explorer to check the spam folder

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.
Username: Password:

Did you forget your password? Go here to retrieve a new one!

8h days i.e. 3 new days per real day.

Game server running version: 1.2.4 +nb Edition
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Staff Characters (0 players):

Online Characters (29 players):
| | Yukio
Evil Genius kyo
Uchiha 爆弾 Masane
Jounin RavenUchiha
Rketsu Bocchiere
Ƶachariah Ħatake
Emerald Eyes SuzuK
Anbu Captain Destructo
Apotheosized Ialdabaoth
Suna no Onna, Hina
Alpha Lexyk
Demon Eyes Kyo
Purrfect Mika
Aburame, Nekomaru
Academy Student Rei
Bedouin Korasu
Chiaki Hako
Jounin cursesealkyuubi
Academy Student JadedJazmine...
Kagayuki Kussetsu
Academy Student HinataHatake...
Kaguya ° ° Shadow
Chuunin Rikiryou
Kensei Chinote
Usotsuki, Mayu

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